A little bit about "Art Godaam"

Art Godaam is a platform for those who have an intrigue interest in Art, Craft,Fashion and Interior Decoration

Art Godaam:

ART GODAAM works with various artist, designer and artisan communities across the country in developing art and crafts, home decor products and promoting handicrafts through workshop, Exhibitions, media and social networking sites.

At ART GODAAM You will find one of the finest pieces of art and craft of different parts of our own country side which are normally unseen and deprived of its real value.

Here it includes a whole range of Wall Paintings, Wall Art,Pattachitra(Traditional art of Odisha), Paper, Palm, Stone, Wood, Metal, Leaf, Terracotta works.

See, browse, order and get the feel of Real India at your own home or business place.

Our Team

Shisir Kumar Jena

Shisir Kumar Jena born on 14th of August 1982 in an Artist Family at village Baulakhaladi under Kaptipada Block of Mayurbhanj district of Odisha. His father Sri Kushanath Jena is also a well-known Artist.

From the childhood days Sri Shisir Kumar Jena had an inclination towards art & craft, song and literature, which led him to devote his heart and soul towards research in different forms of Art.

Shisir received training in Pattachitra (traditional paintings of Orissa) from Guru Kalamani Rabindranath Sahoo a well know Pattachitra artist of ODISHA  and mastered the skills of that particular form of Art which took him long time. For his excellence in Pattachitra, he received CSAC STATE AWARD From Lalit Kala Academy, Bhubaneswar Odisha in the year 2000.

Though pursuing higher education and earning himself a degree in MBA didn’t keep him away from his interest in Art.

Apart from his Job from Corporate sector he decided to start an entrepreneurship.

An architect, designer working in an MNC.

Thus we two brothers worked together in the art field. We started the story of ART GODAAM.

Currently a team of six people are associated with us. Among which four are trained Artist and other two are for online marketing coordinator.

We have been working with different artisans from different regions of India. We have brought them a platform to work with.

ArtGodaam has provided life to many art and crafts which were on the verge of getting extinct from the culture. We hope to bring all the artisans and art forms which were ignored and never brought to light earlier.

Sameer Kumar Jena


Develop an eco-system to promote and sell different forms of Art.


“Use of Art in our daily life” by creating products starting from home decor to lifestyle accessories so that people can make a habit of using hand made products.

Selling and making the products available through exhibition and Online
See, browse, order and get the product within 2 hours In Bhubaneswar. Odisha.

Conducting various workshops in schools, colleges and private halls in order to promote the traditional form of art which are nowadays almost non-existent.

What problem “Art Godaam" solve?

  • Created a marketplace for artist and craft people
  • We help the craft people to find their identity.
  • Recycled products
  • Promotion of traditional art form.

How did we come up with this idea and why this name?

My brother and me always collect various art and crafts for our home and also design and create for better make over.

I have a strong inclination towards art and crafts and always wanted to get associated with art and craft people. When i was interacting with some artists i came to know that there are so many difficulties to get a market place as well as to promote them. The creation is so good but they don’t get the value for their creation. So i thought of to create a market in order to promote and develop art and craft.

We had accumulated a huge collection of art and crafts in our home. Its looked like a go down of art and creations. So we thought why don’t we name it Art godaam (‘Godaam’ it’s a Hindi word means where we stock many products.) We were trying some other name but we find it easy because it’s simple, people know the word and it’s easy to remember.

Art godaam got founded  in 1st of January 2013.

Our Studio